Monday, August 14, 2017


Sorry for the delay.

After taking tablets for 6 months i got cured.

I got a job in 2013 and i am happy with it.

There is no discomfort now and i am enjoying my life.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Now I am fine but Still my treatment is going on

I am nearly completing my 5 months of treatment. I am able to run fast enough and there are no problems in my body. But i am still continuing my tablets as doctor said that i have to take it for about 6 months. My weight has increased upto 46 and i am sure that it will reach 50 soon. I will update my condition next month.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finally it was confirmed

I went to coimbatore. They took scan of my body and they confirmed that i have tuberculosis.

My weight was then 29 kg which is below normal.

I lost strength in my hands and legs due to the disease.

Now, I am undergoing treatment for this. My weight has gradually improved to 40 from 29 in 40 days. The strength and energy in my body gets improving.


I returned to my hometown and went to the doctor. The doctor after looking at the blood test, urine test and x ray said that cold has been formed inside my lungs. He gave tablets and tonics. My chest and back pain decreased slowly. The cold decreased. I can not eat properly. Suddenly, again the vomting started and the same problem appeared. I went to him again. He examined me and said that my bones in chest region are weakened and gave me tablets.

I lost belief in that doctor and went to the next one.He made endoscope and took scan after listening to my problem. He said I have ulcer in stomach and gave me tablets for a week.

This is where the real problem started. I lost weight and my stomach pain increased. I cannot able to eat and unable to sleep at night. One day my stomach pain got severe at night. I went to his hospital. As it was sunday, he is not present at hospital.

I went to another doctor. He took another set of blood test, urine test and x rays and said everything was normal.

He said I should go to coimbatore and get special checkup

About me

Hai, After completing my education, I went to work in chennai for about a year. Then it all started. Life went smoothly for about 9 months without any problems. Then suddenly, I experienced pain in the stomach. I cannot eat properly as before. Then the digestion problem started. I felt that i am losing my energy, but i took it casually. It just got bad. I felt pain in my back and slowly in the chest. Day by day, it got bad to worse. Vomting started. I cannot eat any food. The pain in the chest region increased and the cold formed inside my body